Mamie Kapend – Founder of YASIKA MODE
Photographer: Andre Johnson

Founder Mamie Kapend

IADT Chicago graduate Mamie Kapend is not new to fashion. She’s been passionate about fashion and style since her childhood days growing up in the African country of Congo, a place known for its unique sense of style. Kapend officially started designing in the late ’90s, and her work reflects the sense of multiculturalism that comes from living and traveling in various cities throughout Europe, Canada and of course, Africa.

Yasika Mode

YASIKA MODE (which translates to The Latest Fashion) is a set of collections that offer an elegant and modern look at African textiles. Kapend’s original designs favor clean lines and colorful patterns.

YASIKA MODE is a versatile ready-to-wear collection that offers a clean transition from day to evening looks. The pieces are exclusively made from African prints and a mix of modern textiles that combine to create a sense of Confidence and Elegance.

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